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The “Evidence” for Prodovite Is Junk Science – Science-Based Medicine

The “Evidence” for Prodovite Is Junk Science – Science-Based Medicine

I just lately received an e-mail asking:

What are your ideas on this complement? It appears to be an excellent one.
Have you ever ever researched Prodovite, it does have a printed IRB Medical Research.

I instantly had questions: “Good in comparison with what? Good for what?” I couldn’t discover any solutions. They declare it’s higher absorbed; so what? They declare “Prodovite will help restore the power to make use of oxygen and water to make power, handle that power, after which have sufficient power to get rid of the rubbish.” However there isn’t any proof that we lack that means or need assistance to revive it, or that Prodovite can restore something. Anyway, so what? Are there real-world medical penalties? Does it have an effect on the best way individuals really feel and carry out? Does it change well being outcomes? Are there measurable modifications and in that case, are they only modifications in lab exams or is there Affected person Oriented Proof that Issues (POEMS)? It’s all very nebulous, and it carries the standard FDA disclaimer that it isn’t meant to diagnose, deal with, remedy or forestall any illness.

I learn the “revealed IRB Medical Research”. It’s an appalling instance of junk science.

What’s Prodovite?

Prodovite is “a distinctively distinctive and superior liquid vitamin, mineral, and plant phytonutrient complicated”. The scientific code is VMP35: Vitamin, Mineral, Phytonutrient, with “35 macro elements offering tons of of microingredients.” It consists of elements just like these in different vitamin/mineral dietary supplements plus issues like inositol and white pine cone extract; however the important ingredient is an natural mix whose components are listed right here. They declare that “with out micronutrients, or vitamins that isn’t [sic] processed on a macro degree, we can’t perform to our most capability and can ultimately find yourself shortening our life if we don’t get these important micronutrients.” Says who? There’s no proof for that declare.

They clarify their know-how: Solely premium high quality elements are used. They’re predigested to get small uniform particle sizes that the physique can make the most of. They’re put right into a phospholipid capsule, forming a liposome, with clusters of as much as 100 layers of liposomes inside different liposomes. They are saying all of the tissues of the digestive system, from the mouth to the colon, LOVE phospholipids. (What?)

They are saying whenever you put it in your mouth and swish it round, it absorbs quickly into the blood vessels beneath the tongue. What doesn’t get absorbed within the mouth passes on by means of the digestive tract and the particles adhere to the intestinal wall and start to degrade and launch vitamins and phospholipids into the blood stream so that you get speedy and sustained absorption over a protracted time period. (How lengthy? They point out 30 minutes, however what occurs after that? Do you might want to repeat the dose each 30 minutes?) They brag that their product is in contrast to another product available on the market

It’s “vitamin you’ll be able to really feel”. It’s going to change the standard of your life.

They’ve a Webinar on “Why You Want Prodovite”. It claims “the primary well being illness in our tradition is digestive issues.” (Actually? I don’t assume so!) It describes the revealed research, and demonstrates how Prodovite lights a 15 watt bulb. (What’s that presupposed to show?)

They are saying their phospholipids are handled with Power Frequency Imprinting. (Power Frequency Imprinting? What nonsense!) They describe a considered one of a sort exothermic response: the temperature rises to 98.6 and supposedly stops precisely at regular physique temperature. (I discover that onerous to consider!)

They declare Prodovite is important for all of us as a result of we’ve got a lowered means to make use of oxygen and water (and simply how do they know this?). They supply an extended record of ensuing signs and illnesses together with stressed legs, muscle twitches, bone spurs, osteoporosis, kidney stones, periodontal illness, melancholy, heart problems, diabetes, most cancers, and far more. In fact, that is all nonsense. They are saying these are additionally indicators of acidosis. (No, they aren’t!) They are saying, “We don’t deal with illnesses, we give the physique the assets it must rejuvenate and revitalize mobile metabolism”.

Their rampant pseudoscientific bullshit made it painful for me to observe the movies and skim the claims on their web site. They even quote the Bible. They are saying an image exhibits “lifeless rotting purple blood cells which might be poisoning the affected person”. However then the follow-up image supposedly exhibits them restored to life. They discuss with a construction bigger than a blood cell as a “molecule”. They supply testimonials: a legally blind man’s sight was restored to the place he obtained his driver’s license again. A foot amputation for a diabetic ulcer was prevented, and the ulcer healed utterly. A weight lifter elevated his squat lifting efficiency from 395 to 575 kilos.

The revealed research

There is just one revealed research. You’ll be able to learn it for your self. It isn’t listed in PubMed, however I discovered it by means of Google Scholar. It was revealed within the journal Useful Meals in Well being & Diseasenearly 4 years in the past, in September 2015. The title is “The impact of VMP35 complement elements encapsulated in a novel Phospholipid Prodosome SK713 SLP nutrient supply know-how noticed because of modifications in properties of reside human blood”.

38 topics have been recruited at random. They underwent reside blood cell imaging earlier than and 5 minutes after ingesting Prodovite. They served as their very own controls, utilizing bottled water for comparability. The “earlier than” pictures have been all irregular (does that imply it’s regular to be irregular?) There was no blinding. The authors interpreted modifications in stay blood cell observations earlier than and after taking Prodovite as proof that the nutraceuticals have been quickly and successfully delivered into the blood. They referred to as it “an essential contribution in the direction of growing the potential advantages of dietary dietary supplements”. These conclusions weren’t warranted by the info.

No blinding!? Blinding is important to stop bias. On this case, the themes might inform whether or not they have been getting Prodovite or bottled water, and the microscopists knew what they hoped to see and will intentionally or unconsciously manipulate their observations to supply the specified findings.

There have been conflicts of curiosity: three of the authors had possession curiosity in Victory Vitamin Worldwide, the producer of Prodovite. One other writer’s spouse was an unbiased consultant of Victory Vitamin.

They make an enormous deal of getting gotten IRB approval for his or her research. They assume it was an unprecedented accomplishment for a nutraceutical. Truly, everyclinical research should get IRB approval to guard human topics. They describe the time and expense concerned, and the steps concerned in getting a research revealed (As if understanding their difficulties would persuade individuals to consider their outcomes!). They delight themselves on establishing a proper protocol for reside blood cell evaluation however the protocol is ineffective as a result of it doesn’t embrace blinding. They assumed it was a legitimate check. (It isn’t. See under.) They did nothing to guage its validity.

A video interprets the reside cell microscopy findings within the research. It claims the purple blood cells are aggregating as a result of they’ve misplaced their destructive cost and the white blood cells are 1 / 4 the dimensions they need to be, “in all probability due to the cell aggregation someway affecting circulation, instantly or not directly affecting immune [sic]”.

5 minutes after taking Prodovite, they are saying the adverse cost has been restored, the purple blood cells are flowing freely, not aggregated, and the white blood cells are four occasions greater. (How on earth might circulating white blood cells get four occasions greater in 5 minutes?!!)

Stay blood cell evaluation is sheer bunkum

In line with Stephen Barrett’s evaluation on Quackwatch the claims for reside cell evaluation are “sheer bunkum.” Naive observers misread artifacts that happen because the blood pattern dries, they fail to wash slides and interpret the residual dust as blood elements, they usually fail to correctly focus the microscope and misread out-of-focus observations. The “enhancements” they see are possible resulting from analyzing the slides in a different way. “Blood dries extra shortly close to the sides of the slide than close to the middle. Thus ‘enchancment’ might be seen if the primary specimen is examined close to an edge and the second specimen is examined close to its middle.” Stephen Barrett examined it: he faked taking the tablets they gave him; and positive sufficient, his second specimen confirmed the “enchancment” that they predicted from the tablets. Regulators have deemed stay blood cell evaluation fraudulent and of no discernable worth. There’s a good article debunking it on the Committee for Skeptical Inquirer web site. Mark Crislip critiqued it on Science-Based mostly Drugs in 2009. Wikipedia and Edzard Ernst clarify that there isn’t any proof that it’s dependable or efficient; they name it fraudulent. Even Andrew Weil rejects it.

Conclusion: Prodovite is an effective instance of dangerous science

The claims for Prodovite are nothing however hypothesis, wishful considering, self-deception, placebo responses, and junk science. The one revealed research is a travesty; reside blood cell evaluation is a bogus check that can’t present “proof”. Publishing the research was a mistake; doing the research within the first place was a mistake.

Promoting Prodovite advantages the corporate, however I see no purpose to assume it advantages the well being of consumers.

There isn’t a solution to know whether or not it’s protected and efficient, as a result of it has by no means been correctly examined. Perhaps it really works to enhance the well being of at the least some sufferers in some conditions. I will probably be completely satisfied to comply with the proof wherever it leads, however the firm should present some actual proof, not simply junk science. After perusing their web site, I’m not optimistic about their potential to try this, and I’m not going to carry my breath.