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Is this the death of the press conference or just its evolution?

Is this the death of the press conference or just its evolution?

The communication world is in a continuous change within the final years, as the digital and the new applied sciences are taking up and introducing us to a new way of thinking and seeing issues. The whole lot is quicker, better, evolving and reworking.

Subsequently, in those occasions of evolution and change, with a quicker and quicker tempo, it’s more durable and more durable to see things as before, to act as earlier than. More durable, and, most of the occasions, unnecessary. Because the communication business sees PR mixing with advertising and different varieties of creating content material, it is just pure for the press conferences to vary and for the individuals attending them to have a unique perspective with regards to them. AdHugger.internet needed to understand how is this alteration occurring and how are the shoppers and the businesses positioning themselves in the direction of “the new actuality” and “the new era”.

Can one say that the time of the press convention is over? Or is it turning into a brand new format? “I’ve been in the PR business in a time when an agency would handle tens of press conferences a yr for his or her shoppers. The first thing I need to level out is that I’m not as previous as it might appear – it occurred just some years in the past. What has modified so quickly? First, the range of communication instruments, which makes info so accessible to the viewers – be it the media or the overall viewers: stay streaming a message on social media is so at hand that it typically turns into the preferred various. Second – and in tight reference to the evolution of PR techniques – communication aims have diversified also. Increasingly more, corporations and types purpose to supply the audience an experience that facilitates the message. It goes past informing: it creates a connection,” stated Lavinia Chican, senior associate McCann PR. Nevertheless, as she identified, press conferences create a singular body for a transparent dialogue with the media. “I don’t consider their period is gone or will probably be gone quickly. The basic press conferences have just restrained a bit to these conditions when informing and constructing belief is one thing you don’t need to deviate from. This territory consists of disaster conditions, but is just not limited to them,” added Chican.

Lavinia Chican, senior associate McCann PR

On her flip, Camelia Eremia, shopper service director MSL The Follow, considers that there are two sides to take a look at this matter. One regards Company Communication and the opposite one regards Model Communication. “Relating to Company Communication, face-to-face communication will all the time stay essential. It’s extra human and more credible for corporations to communicate face-to-face. Also journalists need to converse to real individuals, to take a look at precise individuals, to have dynamic conversations, not solely to receive press releases, change emails or use other digital channels when they should acquire official info from corporations,” stated Eremia. Nevertheless, prior to now few years the number of press conferences/ press events did scale back drastically. “The primary purpose is the necessity for velocity – journalists have to receive official info fast, immediately or in a matter of hours, whereas getting ready a press conference can take days/ weeks. A second cause is finances prioritization – organizing press conferences requires logistical and financial efforts and typically it is sensible for corporations to use those budgets smarter. A third very real and painful cause (talking notably about Bucharest) is the visitors jam nightmare – the more and more crowded street visitors makes it nearly inconceivable to maneuver around the metropolis in the course of the day,” defined MSL The Apply’s shopper service director. Subsequently, as she is stating, the press conferences are nonetheless efficient if the particular context and the robust newsworthy matter justify it. If the subject is powerfully newsworthy or it presents the unique probability to an experience journalists wouldn’t otherwise have entry to, the press convention continues to be an efficient communication device.

Camelia Eremia, shopper service director MSL The Apply

“On the subject of Model Communication, press conferences have thrived and have reworked prior to now 10 years into experiential events, the place journalists and different stakeholders can higher understand the model character and get launched to a new product or service via artistic experiences and activations through the occasion. The Model occasions are extra out of the box, are often entertaining and that is why the primary focus is on the experience you’ll be able to provide to the visitors, not on having powerful brand news that may make the subsequent day entrance page,” added Eremia. Raluca Ene, managing director Chapter four Communications Romania, considers that it truly will depend on the state of affairs, as there are nonetheless products for which a stay assembly with the media representatives has a robust justification, resembling a brand new gadget or different electronic gear, or a product that’s challenging to showcase to the journalists in another means. Disaster communication might also embrace press conferences in some instances. “But for almost all of other topics this type of an event turned obsolete. Time runs a lot quicker right now, the town is far busier, media assets are a lot limited, while in the same time the range of digital communication channels is so beneficiant that it’s almost unattainable to not find something that matches. Info may be disseminated in an enormous variety of methods, all we’d like is a bit of creativity and a bit more of knowledge analysis,” stated Ene. A special viewpoint has Veronica Placintescu, head of corporate communications at Oxygen. She considers that point and business modifications over the past decade have made the classical format of press conferences to turn out to be slightly obsolete, regrettably proving typically to be simpler to only send out a press launch.

The golden age of press conferences, when journalists would take as much as Three hours of their day to create only one piece of content, is quickly fading away. The standing of the speakers at such an event, or the significance of the information introduced, have grow to be less relevant for them. It not weighs as much as 10 years ago that the CEO of a giant firm, for instance, is presenting the technique for the continued yr. Presently, in the same Three-hour timeframe, the media is required to supply considerably more content material and get it out there as fast as attainable. So long as they receive the identical info in a press launch, they not discover it time effective to attend a press conference, and, on this context, it becomes much less environment friendly for a corporation to arrange one,” commented Placintescu.

And her opinion is supported by Alina Galeriu, managing associate at Galeriu & Companions Public Relations. With extended experience in journalism prior to getting into the PR world, Galeriu believes that the time of “previous methods” in PR is over, because the context has changed and the businesses’ strategy also needs to change accordingly. What stays the identical is the essence of why we do issues and what is ethical or not in our department, however the how, that is what gets reworked every day. “Press conferences in the best way we understood the time period 10 years ago have turn into useless. In a time where the knowledge trade is instantaneous because of digital means, the concept a gaggle of individuals would journey throughout city to “get an info” about our shopper is hilarious. This info exchanged may be completed far more effectively by way of e-mail. So, if we will attain our aim of sending the news by way of e mail, why would we hassle investing cash, time and power in organizing a press convention? We don’t. But this doesn’t imply press gatherings are lifeless also. As a result of, there’s still an urge for food for socializing, exchanging concepts and getting the prospect to experience first hand the most recent products and so on,” stated Galeriu.

What is going to they modify into

With the change right here, into what are the press conferences becoming and what’s working for the brands now? We had a glimpse in the previous answers, however our specialists are right here to elucidate it even further. “Because the PR agency of many revolutionary corporations and brands, we’re always approaching the most recent instruments out there and in addition upgrading basic PR techniques with a large amount of creativity. With such an abundance of messages everyone is getting, it takes all the above to stand out. And standing out signifies that how you communicate must be memorable, accessible, audience-friendly. With Coca-Cola Romania and the Dorna brand, we’ve got been innovating the press convention sector for four or 5 years now, all with the objective to maximise the reach and awareness outcomes of the Dorna CSR marketing campaign Look after Youngsters, which helps the cause of the untimely born infants. We created a tennis subject on prime of the the occasion location for Simona Halep and Andi Moisescu to play tennis on in February of 2015, all of it broadcast reside within the convention room, with journalists and other members thrilled when the 2 stepped out of the display and into the actual press conference location,” stated Lavinia Chican.

Furthermore, McCann PR organized a press conference at the Nationwide Theatre in Bucharest in 2016, with the good actor Horatiu Malaele performing and decomposing the company’s campaign on stage, it began campaigns reside from press conferences on Simona Haleps’s social media accounts in 2017 and it had Halep personally interview and recruit journalists during final yr’s press launch. “This yr, we invited the media to a symphonic live performance that began with an uncomfortable silence, as a metaphor for the difficulties that preterm babies face once they come to life, unable to make a sound, on account of their lungs being yet underneath developed. We truly launched this yr’s marketing campaign with an 80-musician orchestra on stage. All this is proof enough for us that the press convention, as other basic PR instruments, is just not even closet or being lifeless – it merely transforms and adapts to the realities we stay immediately. As long as we know this, we – as an business – are protected,” added Chican.

Alina Galeriu, managing associate at Galeriu & Partners Public Relations

In terms of pure media relations, Camelia Eremia thought-about that typically there are other simpler methods than the classical press conference that can profit each journalists and corporations. These can differ from informal events such media brunches or lunches, press journeys, one-to-one meetings, telephone calls or on-line reside interviews when distance is an issue. Way of life occasions could be other methods of connecting and interesting with press and influencers and creating direct experiences with the products or services. Opinion supported by Alina Galeriu and by Veronica Placintescu.

Press conferences are out, but brunches or cocktails for a product launch, press workshops and debates and even personal meetings are still very a lot alive. Human interaction nonetheless is a vital factor on the subject of media relations, however it simply cannot be put in the same equation with the concept by human interplay you get info fast. You don’t. But there are different objectives you possibly can accomplish with human interaction, typically even more essential than the knowledge change, and certainly one of them is the objective of creating an emotional hyperlink between the model we characterize and press representatives. The best way we make press representatives, bloggers and influencers really feel once we meet them at numerous gatherings continues to be a talent that PR individuals have to maintain and cherish. And it’s perhaps one of the few expertise in our subject really evergreen,” stated Alina Galeriu.

But, a extra digital strategy within the external communication strategy shouldn’t be confused with the offline media relations turning into an remoted pariah of types, advised us Oxygen’s consultant. “What is necessary to remember is that offline media relations at present perform on a price per value basis and, in the long run, shoppers have to be aware that we’re bargaining for the media’s time. Why should our occasion be more essential for a journalist than their time? What are we offering in trade to be value it – not for us, but for them? These are the primary questions we start from, together with particular media mapping and reasoning, and then build a technique around that. We start from the information or info that we need to talk and make sure we add specific satellite communication angles that may assist obtain our aims,” commented Veronica Placintescu. And that, while the dynamic must be recalibrated altogether. And Oxygen’s head of company communications found two solutions:  owned media – corporations should spend money on creating more unique newsworthy content material (both written and multimedia), hosted on devoted and owned platforms or on their social media pages (and this manner, they grow to be broadcasters of their own, the place the media can turn to for news, market developments, and precise quotes) and organizing online press conferences or net seminars, and broadcast them by way of a secured platform, where you invite a specific group of media attendees to observe a reside, streaming, on-line video presentation of the financial results, for example, or different such subjects.

Veronica Placintescu, head of company communications at Oxygen

On her flip, as pointed out earlier than, Raluca Ene considers that the evolution depends upon the business, on the product, on the news. “In relation with the media, journalists started to develop various channels of their very own, akin to blogs, video blogs, even podcasts which might be either including on their traditional media exercise (similar to article writing/reporting) or stored separate, as their very own platform of expression. As a solution to this development, we began personalizing our interactions with them accordingly and delivering them info in audio and/or video format as properly. One-to-ones are as robust as ever, as there’s nothing extra environment friendly and more genuine than an open dialogue on the widespread matter of curiosity. Events are nonetheless on the agenda, however they turned a lot better focused and punctiliously content material curated to ensure they are bringing enough added-value to compensate for the time individuals are investing in joining them,” defined the Chapter four Communications Romania representative.

Raluca Ene, managing director Chapter 4 Communications Romania

At the end of the day, both our shoppers and the journalists have the identical public they need to communicate with, and discovering a mutually advantageous means of doing it must be a precedence for their exercise.

On the journalist boat

With regards to journalists’ aspect of issues, that isn’t totally different from the businesses’ ones, Loredana Sandulescu, editorial director Biz magazine, believes that it’s over for the press conferences as they was 10 or 15 years in the past and it’s undoubtedly over for conferences only for the sake of a conference, which sadly can flip right into a waste of time on each side: firm and journalists. “The news needs to be recent, essential and relevant to the publications invited to attend the press convention. In addition, the company`s representatives need to be really open to share insightful and helpful info and be prepared go beyond what has already been written within the press release. If it isn’t the case or if the information isn’t too huge, it is perhaps better to share it by way of e-mail,” defined Sandulescu. Her perspective is supported by Andra Imbrea, editor, who believes that it’s time for the press conferences to reinvent themselves with a view to stay related. „I consider that businesses ought to surrender the basic mannequin and suggest a more engaging and interactive format, one that may supply something additional, both when it comes to one-to-one discussions after the presentation or networking, and so on. I am not for the press conference the place it’s concerning the amount and the businesses ought to be selective when choosing the individuals they invite,” added Imbrea.

Lorerdana Sandulescu,editorial director Biz journal

Moreover, as Sandulescu points out, when scheduling a press conference and selecting the situation, regardless of how good and cool a brand new place in town could be, it’s perhaps better to think about the places located in or nearby the  metropolis middle, or at the very least a location with an honest public transportation connection, subway ideally.

Least however not final, since we at the moment are dwelling the golden era of know-how and the capabilities hi-tech connectivity improve, I typically marvel why don`t we’ve got in Romania extra video press conferences by way of telephone, Skype or another online communication software. It might save us a lot time and monetary assets and the interactivity could possibly be pretty much the identical. I’m not pleading for on-line communication solely, I all the time find direct human to human interaction extra rewarding, nevertheless relating to work I feel it is better to be somewhat environment friendly than emotional,” makes Sandulescu a very relevant viewpoint.

Subsequently, what are you our specialists’ causes for selecting to go or not a press convention? Andra Imbrea places on the primary place the importance of the topic and the relevance for the publication she is representing, the audio system, however particularly the likelihood to have a one-on-one interview after the event.

I hardly go to occasions without speaking extra with the speakers. I might simply publish the press release from the press room. I additionally contemplate essential the hour and the situation of the conference. I am not a morning individual, subsequently I’m not very eager into morning conferences and I would like a central space, everyone knows concerning the Bucharest visitors,” concluded the consultant.

Andra Imbrea, editor

On her flip, the Biz editorial editor, considering that point is shorter, subsequently she needs to be extra selective when selecting the place to go, she attends a convention when the news to be introduced or the subjects to be discussed are related for the features she is documenting or writing at that moment or if it helps her higher perceive some specific subjects / insights. “I additionally go to conferences once I need to meet in individual a number of the company`s representatives with a purpose to catch a glimpse of their type / character / work and so forth.,” added Sandulescu.

Recommendation for organizing a press convention

Loredana Sandulescu, editorial director Biz:

  • Please cease handing over printed press releases. Just ship it over by way of e mail, there isn’t any need to chop extra timber than we already minimize.
  • Please start on time. I do know journalists are typically late they usually provide you with all types of excuses, visitors jams, climate and so on and I am conscious that it takes time to vary previous habits, however I am positive we will all make a joint effort to start out pushing issues into the appropriate course.

Andra Imbrea, editor

  • Assume what you must communicate about and do it in an distinctive method, don’t settle for the basic occasion.
  • Absorb account the viewers’s profile and supply items of data and related subjects for every considered one of them.

Camelia Eremia, shopper service director MSL The Follow:

Aside from the analysis of the relevance and alternative of a press convention in relation with the subject to be communicated, the primary “input versus output” mannequin is the idea of the recommendations we make for our shoppers. Pondering money and time spent versus expected results ought to be an indicator of the return on investment.

Lavinia Chican, senior companion McCann PR:

We all the time analyze the character of the subject to be communicated, the context, the purpose to be able to advocate the correct techniques. There isn’t any common recipe. To this, we add our touch, based mostly on our expertise and our ambition to do things in another way & to be the primary to implement loopy ideas, do the unattainable potential. We would like each occasion to convey a recent strategy and stand out. It’s the rationale most of our shoppers wish to work with us, so breaking the trail is what we have to do with a purpose to rise to the expectations.

Raluca Ene, managing director Chapter4 Communications Romania:

All of it starts from the business aims, and follows the path of the communication ones. If the knowledge is new sufficient, robust sufficient, related enough to justify a press conference, then that’s what we’re going to advocate for reaching our targets, as results are the essence of our activity. But when there are any variables that may not meet a robust argumentation in favor of this type of an event, then the sky is basically the restrict when it comes to creativity in terms of discovering another software that might better accommodate the topic.

Alina Galeriu, managing associate Galeriu & Companion Public Relations:

Advising shoppers for certain PR techniques is all the time the second step after offering strategic counseling when it comes to what we need to obtain for gaining brand consciousness, likeability or different particular metrics. A press conference won’t be an effective software a lot of the occasions nowadays, but it can be changed with other forms of occasions to satisfy shopper’s aims and wishes. A state of affairs when a press convention is required is a disaster, when the need for an open statement from the corporate representatives and a set of Q&As would lighten up a important state of affairs. In any other case, I might advise replacing the press convention format with a much less formal sort of gathering, targeted more on offering attendees a singular expertise that it will make the model stand out from the gang.

Veronica Placintescu, head of company communications Oxygen:

A press occasion is all the time recommendable when saying a brand new comer available on the market, corresponding to an organization launch or a newly appointed government, when presenting a brand new product together with the development staff, or launching state-of-the-art know-how. You do it, nonetheless, in a unique format – more dynamic, extra informal, with less powerpoint shows and more visible materials and newsworthy knowledge, encouraging dialogue slightly that holding a speech and then answering to questions.

Also, press trips proceed to do the trick, whether you manage a media spherical desk in one other city or one other country.