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Coupon Matchups: Mariano’s Deals of the Week 4/17/19 – 4/23/19

Coupon Matchups: Mariano's Deals of the Week 4/17/19 - 4/23/19
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Prime offers:
.49 Campbell’s soup, .49 Green Big canned vegetables, .49 Prince pasta,  .99 Pringles, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish or Nabisco Snack Saks, $1.29 Quaker Chewy granola bars, $1.24 Keebler cookies, $1.42 Ritz crackers

One Day Sale: Wed. Four/17

One Day Sale: Wednesday, Four/17/19

  • Recent Atlantic salmon fillets are $5.99/lb, restrict 10lbs.
  • Wild caught Pacific Rockfish is $2.99/lb., limit 10lbs.
  • Coldwater 4oz. frozen lobster tails are $3.99 each, limit 10 tails
  • 16-20ct. uncooked straightforward peel shrimp are $5.99/lb., limit 4lbs. 
  • 26-30ct. cooked, peeled, deveined shrimp are $6.99/lb., limit 4lbs.
  • Open Nature U15 sea scallops are $9.99/lb.
  • Southern purple king crab clusters are $10.99/lb., restrict 15lbs.
  • Signature Kitchens 16oz. frozen cod, tilapia, salmon, and swai fillets are $2.99 each, limit 2

Four Day Sale: Thurs-Sun

4 Day Sale: Thursday-Sunday Four/18 – Four/21/19

  • Recent entire bone-in leg of lamb is $3.99/lb. limit 1
  • Pink seedless grapes are .99/lb.
  • Strawberries 1lb. containers are $1.77 
  • Halos 5lb. packing containers of Clementines are $2.99 every
  • Oreo 6-15.35oz. cookies are $1.88 every, limit 4 (combine/match with Keebler)
  • Keebler 8.5-16.4oz. Chips Deluxe, Sandies, and Fudge Shoppe are $1.88 every, restrict 4 (mix/match with Oreo). The three/31 RM1 has a coupon for $1.50 off 2 Chips Deluxe if you also buy milk. 
  • Lucerne 16oz. sticks or 15oz. spreadable tubs of butter are $1.99 every, limit 2
  • Breyers 48oz. ice cream and 16ouncesdelights are $2.50 each. Buy two and use the $1-off-2 JustFoU ecoupon to drop these to $2 every. 
  • Ice Mountain 24-pack 16.9oz. bottles, 12-pack 700ml bottles, or glowing 8-packs 12oz. cans or 16.9oz. bottles are $2.88 every

.63 Dole mandarins or tropical fruit

Dole canned mandarins or tropical fruit 15-20oz. are $1 each. Purchase two and use the .75-off-2 from the Four/7 SS to drop these to about .63 every.

.75 Dole pineapple

Dole canned pineapple 15-20oz. are $1. Buy two and use the .50-off-2 from the Four/7 SS to drop these to .75 each.

.80 Chobani yogurt

4-5.3oz. Chobani Greek, Flip, Much less Sugar, or Gimmies yogurt cups are $1 every. Buy five and use the $1-off-5 from the three/31 SS to drop these to .80 every.

.99 7-Up 2-liters

2-liters of 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, and Squirt are .99 each if you purchase four. You will need to purchase four to receive this worth.

$1.17 Common Mills cereal & $1.42 bars

Quite a lot of Basic Mills cereals and graola bars are Three-for-$5 whenever you purchase three. It’s essential to buy three to obtain this worth. From the advert:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Yellow Field Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 8.9-12oz.- $1.67
– $1 off 2 – Three/31 SS

Nature Valley granola or treat bars 5.1-8.98oz. – $1.67
–  .50 off 2 – 3/17 SS

$1.49-$1.62 Nabisco crackers

Nabisco Three.5-13.7oz. Ritz, Ritz toasted chips, and crackers (advert exhibits Wheat Thins, Triscuit) are $1.99 every. Use any of the following to drop these as little as $1.49:
– .75 off Ritz – 4/7 SS
– .75 off 2 Ritz toasted, crisp, thin crisp – 3/31 SS
– $1 off 2 Good Thins or Triscuit Wheatberry (if included) – 4/14 SS2

$2.25 Eckrich smoked sausage

10-14oz. Eckrich smoked sausage is $Four.49, Purchase One Get One FREE. Buy two.

$2.49 Totino’s Pizza Rolls

24.8oz. Totino’s Pizza Rolls are $Three.49 each. Use the $1 JustForU ecoupon and pay $2.49.

$2,50 Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper 12-packs

Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper 12-packs are $2.50 each once you buy four. You have to purchase 4 to receive these prices.

$2.50 Dr. Pepper 6-packs

6-packs of .5 liter bottles of 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, and RC Cola are $2.50 each once you buy four. You need to buy 4 to receive this worth.

$2.99 Bic razors

Bic Soleil, Flex, or Hybrid disposable razors 2-6ct. are $5.99. Use the $3 JustForU ecoupon and pay $2.99. The Four/14 SS2 has a $2 coupon too.

$3 Jimmy Dean sausage or bacon

Jimmy Dean 9.6-16oz. breakfast sausage links and rolls and bacon are all $Three.50. Purchase two and use the $1-off-2 from the 4/7 RM2 to drop these to $Three each.

$3.99 Oscar Mayer bacon

12-16oz. Oscar Mayer bacon is $3.99 once you buy two. It’s essential to buy two to receive this worth. ($Four.99 otherwise.)

$3.99 Playtex tampons

Playtex 32-36ct. Sport or Mild Glide tampons are $6.99. Use the $3 JustForU ecoupon and pay $3.99. The 4/7 SS has a .75 coupon too.

$Four.99 Folgers or Dunkin Donuts espresso

Folgers 1850 12oz. or 10ct. Okay-Cups espresso, Folgers 24-30.5oz. cans, and Dunkin Donuts 11-12oz. or 10ct, Okay-cups are all $5.99. Use the $1 JustForU ecoupon and pay $Four.99.

$Four.99 Kingsford charcoal

12-16lb. Kingsford charcoal is $9.99. Use the $5 JustForU ecoupon and pay 44.99.

Purchase 5 Save $5 Oscar Mayer sale

Purchase 5 collaborating Oscar Mayer gadgets and save $5 immediately. Prices shown are after the Purchase 5 financial savings. You need to purchase 5 to obtain these prices. From the ad:

Oscar Mayer meat franks, bologna, or cotto salami 16oz. – $1.49

Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Eight.9-11.1oz. Lunchables – $1.99

Oscar Mayer beef franks 15oz. – $2.49

Oscar Mayer Deli Recent & Natural 9oz. lunchmeats – $2.49
– $1 off Natural – 2/24 SS (exp. Four/21!)

Oscar Mayer 2.52oz. absolutely cooked bacon  – $2.99

Oscar Mayer Three.2-Three.3oz. P3 or Natural Meat and Cheese plates – $2.99

Load Jewel-Osco JustForU ecoupons

Jewel-Osco’s JustForU ecoupons may be loaded by way of the Jewel-Osco app or

JustForU provides you each electronic coupon provides AND personalised costs. The personalised prices are distinctive to YOUR own JFU account and quantity, they usually’re based mostly on gadgets you could have purchased prior to now. You possibly can load personalised prices and in addition use manufacturer or store coupons alongside together with your personalised costs.

Just For U has a “Type” choice to point out you JUST the ecoupon provides, JUST personalised costs, or each on the identical display. 

New Simply For U Grocery Rewards program = FREE gadgets with points

Jewel’s change to Simply For U additionally allows the Grocery Rewards program. 

Earn points by purchasing and getting into your registered telephone number at checkout $1 SPENT = 1 POINT 100 POINTS = 1 REWARD* 

Lucerne Shredded Cheese 6-8 oz. LIMIT 1 Supply valid through 4/30/19
FREE if you redeem with 1 REWARD

Jewel White or Wheat Bread 16 oz., Choose Varieties LIMIT 1 Supply valid through 4/30/19 
FREE whenever you redeem with 1 REWARD

Jewel Giant Eggs 1 Dozen LIMIT 1 Supply legitimate through 4/30/19 
FREE if you redeem with 1 REWARD

$2 OFF  your purchase of $2 or more. LIMIT 1 Supply legitimate through 4/30/19 
FREE if you redeem with 1 REWARD

Giant Hass Avocado LIMIT 1. Supply legitimate through 4/30/19
FREE whenever you redeem with 1 REWARD

FREE Lucerne Butter 8oz. LIMIT 1. Supply valid through 4/30/19
FREE if you redeem with 1 REWARD

FREE Signature Farms Peeled Child-Minimize Carrots 1 lb. Bag LIMIT 1. Supply valid through Four/30/19
FREE once you redeem with 1 REWARD

*Grocery Rewards may be redeemed on an provided merchandise only if your Rewards stability equals or exceeds Rewards required for that merchandise. Other restrictions and exclusions apply. See full program details in your Jewel-Osco retailer’s cellular app.

Varying costs in several advertisements

Notice that some Jewel places do have totally different pricing and featured products. I’m utilizing the Algonquin, Illinois model of the Jewel ad.

Jewel-Osco No-Coupon-Wanted Deals

.88 Barilla pasta

12-16oz. Barilla pasta is .88

.88 Inexperienced Big or Birds Eye frozen vegetables

7-16oz. Green Big or Birds Eye frozen greens are .88 each

.88 Green Big or Le Sueur canned greens

Inexperienced Big or Le Sueur canned greens 11-15.25oz. are .88 each

.88 Imperial margarine

16oz. Imperial margarine quarters are .88

.88 Kraft Mac and Cheese

5.5-7.25oz. Kraft Mac and Cheese dinners are .88 each

.99 French bread

16oz. Signature Select European or Multigrain French breads are .99 every

.99 Manischewitz matzo ball mixes

4.5-5oz. Manischewitz matzo ball and soup mixes are .99 every

$1 Armour Lunchmakers

2.44-3.1oz. Armour Lunchmakers are $1

$1 Cool Whip

8oz. Cool Whip is $1

$1 Kraft BBQ sauce

17.5-18oz. Kraft BBQ sauces are $1 each

$1 Silver Spring horseradish

Silkver Spring 5oz. pink or white Passover horseradish are $1 every

$1.50 Hunt’s ketchup and Guldens mustard

Hunt’s 20oz. ketchup and Guldens’ sriracha or spicy brown mustard 12oz. are $1.50

$1.67 Aunt Millie’s and Koepplinger bread

16-24oz. Aunt Millie’s and Koepplinger breads are $1.67

$1.67 Lucerne and Philadelphia cream cheese

Lucerne 6-8oz. shredded or chunk cheeses and Philadelphia cream cheese 8oz. bricks are Three-for-$5

$1.67 Ortega taco shells

4.9-5.5oz. Ortega taco shells are $1.67 every. 

There’s also a nationwide Catalina operating on Ortega beginning 4/22: 

Four/22/19 – 5/19/19
Meals merchandise excluding seasoning packets
Purchase 2 and get a .75 Catalina
Buy 3 and get a $1.50 Catalina
Buy 4 or more and get a $2.50 Catalina

I do not yet know if that is operating at Jewel-Osco particularly yet, but for those who get to the shop to attempt it earlier than I do, please submit within the feedback whether it is working. 🙂

$1.67 Ragu

Ragu 16-24oz. pasta sauce is $1.67

$1.67 Signature Choose brown or powdered sugar

32oz. Signature Choose brown or powdered sugar are $1.67 each

$1.79 Carnation evaporated milk

12oz. Carnation evaporated milk is $1.79

$1.79 Signature Select condensed milk

14oz. Signature Choose condensed milk is $1.79

$1.88 Lay’s, Jay’s, O-Ke-Doke

Lay’s potato chips, kettle chips, Jays potato chips, and O-Ke-Doke popcorn 7-10.5oz. are $1.88 every

$1.99 Hellmann’s mayo

11.5-30oz. Hellmann’s mayonnaise is $2.99. Use the $1 coupon from the 4/14 RM and pay $1.99.

$1.99 Ortega taco sauce

8oz. Ortega taco sauce is $1.99.

There’s additionally a national Catalina operating on Ortega beginning Four/22: 

Four/22/19 – 5/19/19
Meals products excluding seasoning packets
Buy 2 and get a .75 Catalina
Purchase 3 and get a $1.50 Catalina
Purchase 4 or extra and get a $2.50 Catalina

I don’t but know if this is operating at Jewel-Osco specifically yet, however in case you get to the shop to attempt it before I do, please publish in the feedback whether it is working. 🙂

$1.99 Twizzlers

11-16oz. Twizzlers are $1.99

$2 Capri-Sun

10ct. Capri-Sun drink pouches are $2

$2 Butterball turkey bacon or sausage

Butterball 12-13oz. turkey bacon or smoked sausages are $2

$2 Dannon yogurt

Dannon Mild & Match and Yo Crunch 4ct., or Danimals 6ct. yogurts are $2

$2 Pace salsa, dip, picante

Pace 15-16oz. salsa, dips, and picante sauces are $2

$2 Mardi Gras and Vainness Truthful napkins

250ct. Mardi Gras and 40-100ct. Vainness Truthful napkins are $2

$2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

11.7oz. Pillsbury Toaster Strudel is $2

$2,50 Dixie tableware

Dixie plates, bowls, and cups 10-50ct. are $2.50

$2.50 Hefty tableware and luggage

Hefty 27-45ct. plates and bowls and 10-20ct. slider luggage are $2.50

$2.50 Grown in Idaho frozen potatoes

28oz. Grown in Idaho frozen potatoes are $2.50

$2.50 Jack’s or Palermo’s pizas

14.5-20.6oz. Jack’s or Palermo’s pizzas are $2.50 each

$2.50 Signature Choose honey bears

12oz. Signature Choose honey bears are $2.50

$2.88 Simply Orange juice

Merely Orange 52oz. juice is $2.88

$2.99 Xtra laundry detergent

75ouncesXtra laundry detergent is $2.99

$3 Purple Baron pizzas

Purple Baron 11.2-22.9oz. pizzas are $Three every

.49/lb. Prepare dinner’s or Frick’s shank ham

Prepare dinner’s or Frick’s smoked shank portion ham is .49/lb., restrict 1 with $25 minimal buy

.99/lb. Prepare dinner’s spiral ham

Prepare dinner’s spiral sliced half ham is .99/lb., limit 1 with $25 minimal puchase

$1.49/lb. Frick’s shank ham

Frick’s shank half ham is $1.49/lb.

$1.49/lb. Perdue roaster chickens

Recent Perdue oven stuffer roasters are $1.49/lb.

$1.99 Boneless hen

Recent boneless skinless hen breasts are $1.99/lb.

$1.99/lb. Hormel spiral ham

Hormel spiral half hams are $1.99/lb.

$1.99/lb. Kosher frozen turkey

Kosher frozen turkey is $1.99/lb.

$2.99/lb. Pork chops

Recent Hormel bone-in pork loin chops are $2.99/lb.

$Four.99/lb. Rib roast

Bone-in beef rib roast is $4.99/lb, restrict 1 roast

$5.99/lb. Butterball turkey breast

Buterball turkey breast is $5.99/lb.

$5.99/lb. Catfish fillets

Recent Catfish fillets are $5.99/lb.

.33 Green onions

Bunches of inexperienced onions are .33 every

.47/lb. Fingerling potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are .47/lb.

.47/lb. Inexperienced beans

Recent inexperienced beans are .47/lb.

.50 Parsley

Parsley is .50 per bunch

.59/lb. Candy potatoes

Candy potatoes are .59/lb.

.69 Knob onions

Knob onions are .69 each

.79 Gala apples

Gala apples are .79/lb.

.99/lb. Horseradish root

Horseradish root is .99/lb.

.99 Signature Farms carrots

Signature Farms 2lb. luggage of carrots are .99

.99/lb. Squash

Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti squash are .99/lb.

$1.49/lb. Pears

Purple, D’Anjou, Bosc, and Bartlett pears are $1.49/lb.

$2 Campari tomatoes

1lb. Campari tomatoes are $3.99, Buy One Get One FREE. Purchase two.

$2.99/lb. Asparagus

Inexperienced asparagus is $2.99/lb.

.78/lb. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is .78/lb.

.78/lb. Rapini or anise

Andy Boy rapini or anise are .78/lb.

.97 Signature Farms pink potatoes

5lb. Signature Farms pink potatoes are .97

.99/lb. Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes on the vine are .99/lb.

$1.49/lb. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are $1.49/lb.

$1.77 Pineapple

Del Monte entire jumbo golden pineapples are $1.77 each

$1.88 Blueberries

6oz. blueberries are $1.88

$1.99 Recent Categorical salad blends

5-11oz. Recent Categorical salad blends are $1.99.

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