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Coupon Matchups: Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week 9/4/19 – 9/10/19

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Prime weekly deals:
.50 Quaker Quakes rice muffins, .75 RedGold tomatoes, .99 Quaker Chewy bars, $1 Pringles, $1.19 Ragu pasta sauce, $1.29 Mott’s apple juice, $1.50 Febreze Air sprays, $1.50 Quaker on the spot oats, $1.50 Welch’s fruit snacks, $2.49 Jimmy Dean sausage

Three Day Sale: Fri-Sun

Three Day Sale: Friday-Sunday 9/6 – 9/8/19

  • Hormel recent bone-in pork shoulder roast is .99/lb., limit 2
  • Open Nature U15 sea scallops are $9.99/lb.
  • Pints of blueberries are $1.99 each
  • Signature Cafe 2.5lb, buckets of wings are $9.99 every
  • Nabisco Submit Oreo O’s, Chips Ahoy, HoneyMaid S’Mores, or Hostess Cereals 11-12 . 25 oz ., Oreo Cookies 10 -15 oz., Chips Ahoy! 7-13 oz., or Honey Maid Grahams 12-14 oz. are all $1.88. Buy two and use the .75-off-2 from the 8/18 SS (Honey Maid) or the .75-off-2 from the Eight/11 SS (all others) and drop these to $3.01 for two, or about $1.50 every.
  • Lucerne butter 16oz. sticks or 15oz. spreadable are $2.88 every

.75 RedGold tomatoes

14.5oz. RedGold canned tomatoes are $1.49, Purchase One Get One FREE. Purchase two.

$1 Pringles

5.Four-5.7oz. Pringles are $1 each whenever you purchase four. You should buy 4 to obtain this worth.

$1.50 Welch’s fruit snacks

6.Four-9oz. Welch’s fruit snacks are $2. Use the .50 or $1-off-2 coupons from the Eight/11 SS to drop these to $1.50 each.

$25/$5 P&G sale

Buy $25 value of selected P&G products and save $5 immediately. Greatest bets from the ad:

Febreze .6-Eight.8oz. seasonal Air sprays and scent gadgets – $Three
– Purchase One Get One FREE – Eight/25 PG

Cascade 21-37ct. Complete or Platinum – $6.99
– .50 off Platinum – printable
– .25 off – Eight/25 PG (exp. 9/7!)

Luvs jumbo pack diapers 21-34ct. – $6.99
– $1 off – Eight/25 PG (exp. 9/7!)

Metamucil 23.Three-48.2oz. – $19.99
– $1 off – 8/25 PG (exp. 9/7!), printable


Load Jewel-Osco JustForU ecoupons

Jewel-Osco’s JustForU ecoupons may be loaded by way of the Jewel-Osco app or

JustForU provides you each digital coupon provides AND personalised prices. The personalised costs are distinctive to YOUR personal JFU account and number, they usually’re based mostly on gadgets you might have bought up to now. You’ll be able to load personalised prices and in addition use manufacturer or store coupons along together with your personalised costs.

Just For U has a “Type” choice to point out you JUST the ecoupon provides, JUST personalised costs, or each on the same display. 

New Simply For U Grocery Rewards program = FREE gadgets with points

Jewel’s change to Simply For U additionally allows the Grocery Rewards program. 

Earn factors by buying and getting into your registered telephone quantity at checkout $1 SPENT = 1 POINT 100 POINTS = 1 REWARD* 

*Grocery Rewards could also be redeemed on an provided merchandise provided that your Rewards stability equals or exceeds Rewards required for that item. Different restrictions and exclusions apply. See full program details in your Jewel-Osco retailer’s cellular app.

Various costs in several advertisements

Word that some Jewel places do have totally different pricing and featured products. I’m utilizing the Algonquin, Illinois version of the Jewel advert.

Notes on the Purchase 3 Save $Three Sale

Purchase three collaborating merchandise and save $3 instantly. Prices shown are after the Buy 3 financial savings. You will need to purchase in quantities of 3, mix or match, to receive these prices.

.50 Quaker Quakes rice muffins

Quaker Quakes Rice Muffins Three-3.52 oz. – .50

.99 Quaker Chewy bars

6.5-7.4oz. – .99
– Ad notes to verify Simply For U for extra savings

$1.19 Ragu pasta sauce

24oz. – $1.49
– .60 off 2 – 8/25 SS

$1.29 Mott’s apple juice

8ct. or 64oz. – $1.79
– $1 off 2 single serve juices – 7/28 SS2

$1.49 Bakery scones

Blueberry, Orange Cranberry, Lemon Poppyseed or Toffee Scones 10 oz – $1.49

$1.50 Quaker immediate oats

11.Eight-13.5oz. – $2
– $1 off 2 – Eight/25 SS

$1.79 Lucerne sour cream

24oz. – $1.79

$1.79 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

11.7oz. – $1.79

$1.99 O Organics soy or almond milk

32oz. – $1.99

$1.99 Open Nature oat milk

32oz. – $1.99

$1.99 Signature Select salsa

24oz. – $1.99

$1.99 Signature Select vinegar

128oz. distilled white – $1.99

$2 Quaker cereal

Cap’n Crunch or Life Cereal 15.Four-20oz. – $2

$2.49 Hillshire Farm Deli Choose lunchmeats

7-9oz. – $2.49

$2.49 Jimmy Dean sausage

9.6-16oz. rolls, links, or patties – $2.99
– $1 off 2 – Eight/18 RM

$2.99 Fats Boy ice cream sandwiches

6-9ct. – $2.99

$3.99 Bottled beverages

Lipton Tea 12 pk., 16.9 oz., Pure Leaf Tea 6 pk., 16.9 oz., Starbucks Frappuccino Four pk., 9.5 oz. Bottles, Doubleshot Espresso 4 pk., 6.5 oz. Cans or Life Wtr 6 pk., .5 ltr. Bottles – $3.99

$Three.99 O Organics espresso

10-12ct. Okay-cups – $3.99

$3.99 O Organics tortilla chips

22oz. (giant bag) – $3.99

$Three.99 Signature Choose plates or cups

100ct. 9″ plates or 84ct. 18oz. – $3.99

$4.99 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent

122.5-150oz. or 40-62ct. Paks – $5.99
– $1 off – printable

$4.99 Lucerne ice cream pails

Gallon pails – $Four.99

$5.99 Lucerne string cheese

36oz. mass pack – $5.99

$5.99 Signature Select lasagna

38oz. – $5.99

Notes on the Fav Four

Purchase four collaborating gadgets and pay $20.00 for all 4. Pay attention to per-pound and per-serving prices right here in your greatest deals.


Buona Hand Crafted Italian Sausage 19 oz., Links or Buona Italian Beef and Gravy or Italian Meatballs and Sauce 17-32 oz., FrozenLaura’s

Cooked Good or John Soules

Cooked Good Meatballs 20-32 oz., Frozen or John Soules Hen Strips 16 oz.

Dockside Classics or Curly’s

Dockside Basic Seafoods 12 oz. or Curly’s BBQ Pulled Pork, Hen or Beef 16 oz.

Dutch Farms and Dino Buddies hen

Dutch Farms Breaded Hen 48 oz., Frozen, Value Measurement or Yummy Dino Buddies Breaded Hen 21-24 oz.,

Floor turkey or Jr. pub burgers

Recent Perdue 98% Lean Ground Turkey or Recent Junior Pub Burgers 16 oz

Hormel or Mrs. Budd’s

Hormel Meat Entrées 15 oz. or Mrs. Budd’s Hen Pies 36 oz.

Laura’s beef

Laura’s 92% Lean Ground Beef 16 oz

Sea Delicacies or Jon’s

Sea Cuisine Fillets 8.5-10.5 oz., Frozen or Scott and Jon’s Rice and Seafood Bowls 8 oz., Frozen

SeaPak or Younger’s

Sea Pak Seafood 9-22 oz., Frozen or Young’s Premium Breaded Seafood 8.5-10.6 oz., Frozen

Tyson hen

Tyson Breaded Hen 25.5-32 oz. Frozen, Select Varieties or Tyson Boneless Skinless Hen Breasts 40 oz., Frozen

Jewel-Osco No-Coupon-Wanted Deals

.80 Kingsford or Campbell’s baked beans

15oz. Kingsford baked beans and Campbell’s 11-14.8oz. baked beans are .80

.88 Pepsi 2-liters

Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Crush, 7-Up, Dr Pepper or Squirt 2 ltr. Bottles are .88 every whenever you buy 4. You will need to buy 4 to receive this worth. Restrict 12.

.88 Signature Choose Halloween paper products

Signature Select Halloween Towels 1 Roll, Napkins 120 ct. or Signature House Facial Tissue 60 ct are .88 every

.99 Signature Select pasta

12-16oz. Signature Choose pasta is .99

$1 Signature Kitchens frozen vegetables

12-16oz. Signature Kitchens frozen vegetables are $1 every

$1 Spaghetti-Os

15.6-15.8oz. Spaghetti-Os are $1

$1.50 Signature Choose apple juice

64oz. Signature Select apple juice is $1.50

$1.99 Aunt Millie’s or Butternut bread

Butternut Entire Grain White, Honey Wheat or Italian Bread 20 oz. or Aunt Millie’s Deluxe Bread 24 oz. are $1.99

$1.99 Palmolive

20oz. Palmolive dish detergent is $1.99

$2.50 Minute Maid orange juice

59oz. Minute Maid orange juice is $2.50

$2.50 Refreshe bottled or sparkling water

refreshe Spring or Purified Water 24 pk., 16.9 oz. Bottles, Soleil Glowing or Signature Choose Seltzer Water 12 pk., 12 oz. Cans are all $2.50

$2.50 Signature Choose napkins

360ct. Signature Choose napkins are $2.50 every

$2.99 Signature Residence facial tissue

3ct. Signature House facial tissue is $2.99 via 1/1/20. Not a nasty worth for those who need tissue in absence of another deal, as these are bigger, 160-sheet packing containers.

$Three Pink Baron, Gino’s East, Signature pizzas

Purple Baron, Gino’s East Skinny Crust or Signature Kitchens Pizza 11-23.75 oz. are $Three

$3.99 Dutch Farms bacon

16oz. Dutch Farms bacon is $Three.99

$5.99 Frito Lay multipacks

16-18ct. Frito Lay snack multipacks are $5.99 each once you purchase two. You will need to buy two to receive this worth.

$6.99 Cheer laundry detergent

100oz. Cheer laundry detergent is $6.99.

$19.99 Signature Select or O Organics coffee pods

72-80ct. Signature Select or O Organics Okay-cups are $19.99

$1.99/lb. Boneless hen

Boneless skinless hen breasts are $1.99/lb.

$3.99 Jewel Italian sausage or beer brats

Recent Jewel Italian Sausage or New Eugene Porter Beer Brat 20 oz. are $3.99

$5.49/lb. Roast or steak

Boneless beef chuck roast or value pack steaks are $5.49/lb.

$4.99/lb. Eckrich salami

Eckrich salami is $Four.99/lb.

$4.99/lb. Land O Lakes cheese

Land O Lakes American cheese is $4.99/lb. in the deli

$5.99/lb. Kretschmar cheese

Kretschmar American cheese is $5.99/lb. in the deli

$9.99 Wing It Fridays

2.5lb. buckets of Signature Cafe wings are $9.99 each on Friday

$5.99/lb. Catfish fillets

Recent Catfish fillets are $5.99/lb.

.79 Bell peppers

Pink, orange, or yellow bell peppers are .79 every

.79/lb. Squash

Acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash are .79/lb.

$1.49/lb. Peaches

Organic yellow peaches are $1.49/lb.

$1.49/lb. Hatch Chiles

Hatch Chiles are $1.49/lb. ($1.99/lb. for roasted)

$1.99 L’il Snappers apples and pears

Lil Snappers® Gala Apples, Pink Woman Apples, Bartlett Pears or Purple Pears 3 lb. Luggage are $1.99

$2.99 Affy Tapple

3ct. Affy Tapple caramel apples are $2.99

$Three.99 Ocean Spray Clementines

3lb. luggage of Ocean Spray Clementines are $Three.99 every


Jewel has quite a lot of pumpkins on sale:

  • Small ornamental pumpkins & gourds are .79 each
  • Small orange or white pie pumpkins are $2.99
  • Medium orange or white and enormous orange carving pumpkins are $5 each
  • Autumn Couleurs pumpkins are $7.99 every

Deals Disclaimer

I’m human. Every so often, I’ll make errors or miss a deal. I write each matchup listing personally, and I attempt to make every store’s matchup as correct as attainable. Coupons I’ve linked on the time of writing might hit their print limits over the course of every week — that is past my control. Nevertheless, should you spot an error in my math or in a deal, or you spot a deal that I missed, please be happy to submit under and I am going to get it corrected. 🙂


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